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Women's Wealth: The Middle Way®

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Jun 23, 2021

Glen Eagle CEO Susan Michel and COO Carol Ann Fernandez join us today for a quarterly video podcast interview focusing on the future of work in the post-pandemic world. At a time when there is so much optimism that the pandemic is ending and that life will return to some semblance of normalcy, the future landscape of the work environment is forever changed in many ways. Listen in as Susan Michel and Carol Ann Fernandez explore recent HR trends and how companies and employees can adapt to work in the future. #GlenEagle #WomensWealth #MiddleWay #TheMiddleWay #VideoPodcast #QuarterlyVideo #HRTrends #FutureOfWork #Hybrid #WorkFromHome #Remote #WFH #Opportunities #Challenges #Collaboration #WorkingTogether 

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